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Tuesday, 4 February 2014


  Raj Thakkar       Tuesday, 4 February 2014
  Great Temples of Gujarat, India

   After completing Successful post on Historical Places of Gujarat now History of India is going to write a post on Famous Temples of Gujarat. You may also call it Famous Historical Temples in Gujarat. Here in this post I will tell you the introduction about four famous temples of Gujarat. These temples are not famous in Gujarat only, but they are also famous in India and from all over the world, people come to these temples which are located in Gujarat, India.

1. Modhera Sun Temple
Modhera sun temple

  Sun Temple of Modhera is located in Mdhera, Gujarat, India. It is very famous temple in all over the world. It derives thousands of visitors every year. Actually Modhera Sun Temple is famous for its architecture and carving on the wall of sun Temple. For just see the carving on the pillar and wall of Sun Temple visitors come to Modhera from very far distance. King Bhimdev 1st has built this sun temple in 1026 and it is dedicated to Hindu god the Sun. This temple is designed as a First ray of sun in the morning always fell on the image of the sun in the temple. 

2.  Somnath Temple 
Somnath Temple

   Somnath Temple is located near Veraval in Junagadh district. It is one of the 12 jyotirlinga shrines of God Shiva. People also call Somnath temple as Prabhas Patan and Shrine eternal . You might have visited this place or heard about this temple, but do you know the meaning of Somnath? Its meaning is the protector of god moon . Let me tell you one surprising thing about Somnath temple. From the sea - shore of Somnath temple there is no land upto Antarctica.

3.   Dwarkadheesh Temple in Dwarka
Dwarkadheesh Temple

    Dhwarkadheesh Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and located in Dwarka, Gujarat, India. The lord Krishna's grand sun has built this historical temple in 400 B.C. Dwarkadheesh temple is included in char Dham Hindu pilgrimage place. Architecture of Dwarkadheesh Temple is in chalukyan style . This temple is also famous as Jagat Mandir. Many people come to this temple from very far distance. 

Mata Na Madh

    Mata Na Madh is located in Kutch and it is dedicated to Maa Ashpura. People of Kutch believe in this temple and in Navratri Festival people go to mata na madh by walking. It is not famous in only Kutch, but it is famous in Gujarat and India. You might be shocked after hearing that people from Mumbai come to Mata Na Madh on Bicycle. There is a very long history behind the Mata Na madh temple. To read this click below link.




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