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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Raigad fort in Maharashtra

  Raj Thakkar       Sunday, 1 February 2015
Raigad is a hill fort located in district raigad, Maharashtra. Raigad fort is among one of the famous historical places of India. In my previous article i told you about pratapgad fort. Today i will tell you brief history and little information about raigad fort. In 1674, Maharaj Shivaji was crowned as king of Maratha kingdom. At that time he declared raigad as his capital.Later on Maratha kingdom was developed as maratha empire.

Raigad Fort
Brief History of Raigad fort

Raigad fort was also known as fortress of rairi. It was seized in 1656 from the royal house of the Chandrarrao Mores, a junior dynasty to descended from the ancient Maurya imperial dynasty by Shivaji Maharaj.He renovated this fort completely and  named it as Raigad. In 1818, with use of cannons,  Raigad fort was bombarded and destroyed by British upon. 

Fort ruins today consists of queen's quarter which includes six chambers, each chambers having its private room. The main palace was constructed using wood and only basis of pillar remains toady. An artificial lake called ganga sagar lake is made next to the fort. It has a view of execution point takmak tok. Takmak tok is a cliff from where sentenced prisoners were thrown to their death. There is  also ruins of market and such structure that anyone can shop while riding on the horse.
raigad fort in maharashtra

So friends it was the brief history and information about Raigad fort which i know. I hope its helpful to you. If you are like to visit historical places and listen historical stories then Raigad fort is a very good place for you. If you have already visited this place then you are requested to mention your reviews about this place in comment box. Have a nice day.

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  3. Hey Raj, this is probably going to be my all time favorite destination and all thanks to you buddy! Did you picture it right after some heavy showers or it’s the natural blessing that the green- lit ruins always glow this way to glory? This blog was very informative that took me to your previous ones.

    1. Hello Gopal,
      Picture has been taken in monsoon. You can not see this kind of greenery in summer.