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Monday, 22 July 2013


  Raj Thakkar       Monday, 22 July 2013
        Temples of India is very famous in world because of It's architecture and great history. Here in this article i will tell you brief summery about Great and famous temples of India.


lotus temple one of the best temples of india

          Lotus temple is one of the famous and historical temples of India. Mostly Lotus temple is famous for it's awesome architecture and great historical importance.This Indian temple won too many awards for it's beautiful architecture.Lotus temple is originally known as bhai temple.Construction of lotus temple was completed in 1986.Everybody knows that It is known as lotus temple because of it's shape of lotus but does any one know that why this temple of india is constructed in lotus shape? Actually Lotus is a symbol of love and purity. It shows the message of immortality and because of that Bhai temple was constructed in shape of lotus temple. I think you might be interested in full history of lotus temple and detailed architecture.   


golden temple great temples of india
           Golden temple is also one of the great temples of India. Golden temple is located in Amritsar lake. As per its name Golden temple is mostly mad from pure gold. Let me tell you one interesting thing that Golden temple is  most costly temple among all temples of India. Golden temple is also known as harmandir sahib and darbar sahib. Actually Golden temple is situated in small lake named Amritsar lake. Because of this lake Beauty of Golden temple is increases too much. You might have visited too many temples of India but i am sure that when you will stand in golden temple with close eyes for just five minutes you will experience great peace of mind. Actually Golden temple is a symbol of peace. I think you might be interested in full history of Golden temple and detailed architecture.  


great temple of india
             Konark Sun Temple is included in best temples of India. Actually Konark Sun temple is originally known as black pagoda.This is one of the oldest temples of India. You might be shocked after hearing that this temple is built in 13th century by Narsimahadeva. Konark sun temple is great example of orissian architecture. Samba was the architect who constructed this sun temple in honor of lord sun.So friends this is just brief history of konark sun temple. I can not include full history of konark sun temple. But you can read here full history of konark sun temple and detailed architecture.
hampi temples of india

                   Hampi is one of the greatest hindu kingdom of India. Actually Hampi is village of Karnataka state. Most interesting fact of hampi is that it was the last capital of vijaynagar. In Hampi there are number of Hindu temples are situated which also known as temples of India. Here is the list of Hindu temples which is situated in Hampi.
- Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy temple
- Virupaksha Temple
- Krishna Temple
- Hazara Rama Temple
- Krishna Temple
- Vittala Temple
          I am not going to tell you full history of Hampi over here but you can read full history of hampi by clicking here.


khajuraho temple one of the greatest temples of india
              Khajuraho temples are located in madhya pradesh. As per its name These temples has its unique importance. We can say without any doubt that khajuraho temples are one of the best medieval Temples of India.Khajuraho temples were built by chandella rulers. You might be confusing after reading that it were built by many rulers. But let me clarify that Almost every chandella ruler built one temple in his time. So Building a temple was a tradition of chandella rulers. And because of these we can say that all khajuraho temples were not built by single ruler. I think you might be interested in full history but in this post i can not cover full history of khajuraho temples. you can read full history of khajuraho temples by clicking here

             " So friends these are all about great temples of India. I hope this article is helpful to you. Don't forget to follow us by E-mail for get more historical stories in your mailbox."

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