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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


  Raj Thakkar       Tuesday, 2 July 2013

              Golden temple is one of the famous temples of Amritsar. It is also known as historical place of India. Today I will tell you a brief history of golden temple and why to visit this beautiful place of Amritsar. Let us start with location of golden temple.

golden temple
Golden temple night view


Golden temple road,

Brief history of golden temple

                First of let me tell you that this great temple of India is also known as Harmandir sahib and darbar sahib.  Let us start with how hari sahib is named. It is named after the god of sikh shri hari. And because, it is made from gold it is also known as golden temple. 
golden temple
Golden temple
                 Shri hari sahib temple is situated in the center of small lake which is made by man. Name of this lake is Amritsar Lake.  Construction of this lake is started in 1573 under the leadership of fourth guru of sikh guru ramdas ji. After the four years in 1577 construction of Amritsar Lake is completed. In 1588 construction of golden temple is started under the leadership of fifth guru of sikh , guru arjan dev ji. As we all know that in construction of this temple too much gold is used and because of this thing golden temple is attacked too many times.

Why to visit golden temple?

               You might have visited too many places and too many temples but when golden temple comes into picture I am sure you will forget all these places. When you stand in this temple with close eyes for just five minutes you will get great peace of mind. There is a very peaceful atmosphere. This temple has awesome Sikh architecture.  If you look this temple from front side it looks very beautiful. So if you don’t visited golden temple yet then don’t waste your time and visit this temple just once in your life.
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