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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dwarkadheesh Temple in Dwarka

  Raj Thakkar       Tuesday, 21 January 2014
  Dwarka is a city of District Dwarka in Gujarat State,India. It is a chardham place for Hindu Pilgrimage. Dwarka is also the kingdom of great Lord Krishna. I don't know it is true or not but people belived that Dwarka was the first capital of Gujarat. In Dwarka there is a great temple situated of Lord Krishna Named Dwarkadheesh Temple. This temple is also known as King of Dwarka.
Dwarkadheesh temple

   Original temple dwarkadheesh was built by Lord Krishna's grand son Vajaranabhji in 400 BC after the end of Historical city Dwarka. Dwarkadheesh temple is dedicated to lord Krishna and it is included in chardham hindu pilgrimage place which comprise Badrinath,Puri,Rameshvaram and Dwarka.As i told before that original temple was built by lord krishna's grand son but current temple was built in 16th century. Dwarkadheesh temple is built in Chalukyan style of architecture. This beautiful temple has 51.8 meters height. Dwarkadheesh temple is also known as jagat Mandir. This temple has two shikhars and in between them The nij shikhar is the longer shikhar. It denotes where the deity of Lord Krishna is installed. 

   Dwarkadheesh Tempe has two entrance one from north and one from south.Entrance from north is also known as Moksha Dwaar and Entrance from south is also known as Swarg dwaar. If you step down from south entrance then you will reach at bank of river gomti. So friends these was all information and history of Dwarkadheesh temple. I hope you like this article. Have a nice day.

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