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Saturday, 9 November 2013


  Raj Thakkar       Saturday, 9 November 2013
Chalo bulava aya hai, Mata ne bulaya hai.

 Have you heard about Mata na madh. It is a place where temple of great Ashapura ma is situated. Kutchi people believes too much in this Mata na madh and in Navratri festival Many people of gujarat come to mata na madh by walking on their foot from different places of gujarat. Even many people come here from different states of india by bicycle in navratri festival. People enjoy a lot navratri festival in Mata na madh.I think you might be thinking that why people believes in this temple? And you might be willing to know the history of Mata na madh which is located in Kutch. Here in this article i will tell you brief history of Mata na madh.
Visiters of Mata na madh

 In 14th century Karad vania was touring and stopped for nine days at the place where present temple of goddess is situated. He is a devote of goddess amba and he was preying for give him a child. While sleeping he saw a deity in his dream and she was saying to him that build a temple at the spot you stayed and told him that as a token you would found a coconut and chundri in early morning. As per dream Karad vania build a temple but goddess has given specific notice that after completion of construction of temple close the door and do not open it for six months. But Devchand vania heard a sound just couple of months before expiry of six months and he opened the door. He found a deity on her knees trying to stand up as we can see today in temple of ashapura ma in Mata na Madh.
Mata na madh

 So this place became famous as mata na madh and people started believing in this temple. People also said that in 1762 A.D. Mir Gulamsha kalora attacked on this temple with his army. His soldiers became blind by anger of ma Ashapura. After that Gulamsha took the swear that he would set up a huge bell in this temple. Because of that Soldiers got their sight again and as per his swear Gulamsha set a huge bell in temple of Ma Ashapura.Today, We can see the huge bell in temple.

 So friends this is the history of Mata na madh. I don't know that it was true or not but too many people believing in this temple of Mata na madh. After visiting this place you will experience a peace of mind. As per my opinion you should visit Mata na madh once in your life. Have a nice day.    

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