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Saturday, 9 March 2013


  Unknown       Saturday, 9 March 2013
Gateway of India is one of the great historical monuments of India which is situated at Mumbai. I have never heard from anyone that they went to Mumbai for enjoying holidays but not visited this place. Are you planning to go there? Before you go you should be aware about history behind it. Here in this article you will get brief history and historical importance about this place.

Before we start i think you might also like to read about Prince Wales Museum which is also in same city. 

gateway of india
            Let us start with location So that if anyone want to visit this place after reading this article so he/she can get help from here.

location:-  Gateway of India is situated  At the Apollo Bandar, South Mumbai

Brief History about Gateway of India

Gateway of India is a monument which is Built While Britishers are ruling over India. Yes friends this historical place is not made by Indian. It is made by Britishers. Now let me tell you how this Monument is built and for whose it is built? In 1911 King george v and queen mary decided to visit Delhi And For their respect Britishers decided to make a gateway of India. George Wittet was the architect Who had designed it. He took four years to complete entire construction. So friends this is a little story How the Britishers decided to make a Great monument.
gateway of india at mumbai

Now let us talk about Structural architecture of Gateway of India. It has large and rich arch with 26m height. Yellow basalt and indissoluble concrete are used for built this great monument. The central dome of this place is 83 feet long with 48 feet diameter.

The elephant caves are also the attraction of tourist which is located very close to this great monument. Tourist can visit elephant caves through motor boats. 

So friend this is the article of History behind gateway of India -Mumbai. If you have liked this article then just share this post on social networking sites with your friends. Have a nice day.


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