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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Old Fort in Surat

  Raj Thakkar       Saturday, 14 March 2015
Surat is one of the famous cities of Gujarat state. Especially Surat is famous for foods and snacks. But its not only thing which is famous in Surat. There are lots off Tourist attractions and Historical Places in Surat. Old Fort of Surat is one of them. Today i am going to tell you brief history about Old Fort of Surat and little information about how to reach at Old Fort? 

Brief History of Old Fort Surat

Old Fort Surat

In14th century Mohammed Tughlak was the ruler of Surat. At that time he built the Old Fort in Surat. There was a reason to build the Old Fort which was to strengthen the city against attack by the Bhils. Malva king Shri Chatrapati Shivaji tried to attack twice on this Old Fort of Surat. Mecca is the pilgrimage place for Muslims. In the time of Mughal rule, Old Fort was used as a gateway of mecca. It is famous for its beautiful architecture. To see the heritage of city many tourists come to Old fort at surat which is witnessed of many historical events of Surat. There are many museums, gardens and other places to see near Old Fort which attracts too many tourists. 

Location : Near Tapi River , Surat

How to reach ?

First of all you have to  reach at surat. You can either choose bus, train or Aeroplane to recah at surat. After reaching at surat you have to take auto to reach your hotel. Auto and taxis are easily available in surat. After getting fresh you can go to Old Fort of Surat by Auto or Taxi.

It was the little information about Old Fort of Surat which I know. I hope this article is helpful to all of you. If anyone has already visited this place then must share your experience about Old Fort which can help other readers. Have a nice day.  

Thanks for reading Old Fort in Surat

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