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Saturday, 22 November 2014

The New palace at kolhapur

  Raj Thakkar       Saturday, 22 November 2014
Have you visited Kolhapur yet? Kolhapur is one of the historical cities of Maharashtra state and has many historical places there itself. Among all of them here i will tell you about The New Palace of Kolhapur. If you truly love historical sites, then you must visit this palace. Every year there are  many tourists, who come here from different parts of the world, to see this beautiful Palace of Kolhapur. Here you will get brief history of new palace as well as little information about Shree Chhatrapati shahu museum.
The New Palace of Kolhapur

 Rani Ahilyabai had built this beautiful new palace of kolhapur. Construction was started in 1877. It took 7 years to complete and in 1884 construction of new palace was completed. British royal engineer Major Charles Mant was the architect of this new palace. He had built this building in style to  show the impact of combination of 'Hindu' and 'Jain'.The first floor of this palace is being used by current Chhatrapati of kolhapur for residential purpose and the ground floor is converted into museum which is currently known as shree chhatrapati shahu museum.

Chhatrapati shahu museum
 This museum is dedicated to a collections of things like weapons, costumes, Jewellery and embroidery which was owned by Chhatarapati of Kolhapur. Tigers, Wild Dogs, Sloth bear, Black Panther, Lion and Himalayan black bear have been stuffed and placed in one section of this museum. Sidewall of the Darbarhall is filled with strained glasses which illustrates scenes from the life of Shivaji. 

 So friends that's all what i know about The New Palace of Kolhapur. I hope you have enjoyed this article and may be helpful to someone who really wants to gather information of historical places. If you have visited this palace then must share your experience in comments. Have a nice day.

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