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Monday, 17 March 2014

Safari Zones in Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India

  Raj Thakkar       Monday, 17 March 2014
Jim Corbett National Park is located in Uttarakhand, India. In our previous article we talk about history and brief information of Corbett National Park. Today in this post I will give you the information about Safari Zones and Weather Conditions in Jim Corbett National Park. Before we start our discussion, I would like to give you an advice that please book your safaris before you reach at the national park. Reason behind advanced booking of safari is that only 60 safaris are allowed in a national park at a time.

Safari Zone

  • Jhirna- It is Grassland and Densely wooded. Jhirna is made for excellent bird viewing. If you want to see the Great Hornbill then it is the right place for you. You can see Hornbills in plenty here. Jhirna is a home of Sloth bears, Wild Elephants and growing population of tigers. A strong hunting base of Cheetal, nilgai, sambhar and wild bore makes an attractive area for big cats. A resident wild elephant and sloth bear provide an excellent viewing opportunities. 
  • Bijrani- Bijrani Zone is popular for day tourists. Tigers can be best viewed from the Jeep Safari in Bijrani zone. If you are interested in seeing the birds, then Elephant safari is famous for see the birds. Buffer, tourism and core area are included in the Bijrani zone. Because of safety of tourists, Safari is not allowed in core area of Bijrania Zone. Before entering the bijrani zone tourists need to take prior permission of directorate of Jim Corbett National Park. Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are the attractions of Bijrani Zone. 
  • Dhikalal- Among the tourists, Dhikalal zone is very famous because of it's plenty beauty and enhancing views it offers. Dhikalal is one of the largest zones in the park. For watch the grassland birds Dhikalal zone is the best among all the safari zones. On the edge of patli dun valley, Dhikalal Zone is situated. Tourists can not enter in the dhikalal zone in the day. Night stay is compulsory in This Zone.

  So friends these are the safari zones in Corbett National Park. I hope this information about Safari zones is helpful to you. Keep in touch for more places.

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