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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Haridwar - Holiest place of Hindus

  Raj Thakkar       Thursday, 12 December 2013
 Haridwar is one of the most holiest place of Hindus. Here in this Article I will tell you brief history of Haridwar, Attractions of Haridwar , How to reach to Haridwar and which time is the best to make plan to go Haridwar with your family. Let us Start with Location of Haridwar and how to reach their?

Location of Haridwar

 Haridwar is located in uttarakhand just 40 km far from dehradun. From all big cities of india you can take train to reach Haridwar. If you want to came here by air then you have to come first dehradun because nearest airport from Haridwar is in Dehradun. But if you choose the aeroplane to come here then you have to travel 40 km distance by taxi or by bus which is not preferable. So most of people choose train to reach at Haridwar.

Gange Arti at Haridwar
Brief History Of Haridwar 

 Do you know that Haridwar is also known as Gangadwara. Let me tell you the reason behind this ancient name. The River Ganga's Source is at Gaumukh and it enters in the Indo Gangetic Plains of north india at Haridwar. And Because of this reason Haridwar is also known as Gangadwara. Haridwar is one of the famous pilgrimage place among seven holiest place of Hindus. The most visited place in Haridwar are Gangotri, Yamnotri , Kedarnathji , and Badrinath. You might know this thing that Haridwar is mentioned in many upnishads, purans and in Mahabharata. Haridwar city was founded in Buddha's Time. After britisher's  Arrival in India they started construction of Bhimgoda dam in 1840.First time in 1886 Railway track was established in Haridwar and later on it was extended upto Dehradun. So it was the Brief History of Haridwar.

Ghat of Haridwar
Attractions of Haridwar

 Main Attractions of Haridwar is it's Temples, Ghats, and Ganga River. Main temple of Haridwar is Mansa devi temple. People believes that you all wishes will be fulfilled by the goddess of Temple. Here i have mentioned that Ghats are the attractions of Haridwar actual meaning of Ghat is steps down to river. People are also saying that by taking holi dip in the river your sins will be cleaned. You can become a witness of Ganga Arti at Har ki pauri Ghat at around 6-7 p.m. 

 You might have heard about Kumbh mela. Do you know that Kumbh mela is held in Haridwar once in 12 years. It derives million of pilgrims to Haridwar. Last kumbh mela was organized in 2010. Apart from kumbh mela there are too many hindu festivals are celebrated in Haridwar. So friends here i have shared the information about Haridwar which i know. You can also share more information about Haridwar in comment box.   

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