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fatehpur sikri

              Hello friends After a long time back History of india is now going to post on fatehpur sikri.Have you heard About Fatehpur sikri.It is one of the Historical place in india and in this article i am going to tell you a brief History and location of Fatehpur sikri.Now let us start with location
Fatehpur sikri is located UTTAR PRADESH at 35 km away from agra on the vindhya mountain.FIND EXACT LOCATION
                This is all about location and how to reach to fatehpur sikri.Now i am going to discuss a brief history about fatehpur sikri.
     First start with name of this city "fatehpur sikri".Are you know why this city has name fatehpur sikri?There is a small story behind this name this city was known as sikrigrah and built by Maharaja sangram singh who is the last emperor of Rajput Raja.Akbar attacks at this city many times but when he attacks at seventh time Rajput left the city Sikrigrah and because of these sikrigrah was named fatehpur sikri(victory on sikri).So this is a small story that how fatehpur sikri was named.
fatehpur sikri panch mahel

     Mughal emperor Akbar visited to saint salim who said that the second son of your becomes a great ruler.The saint salim was residing near the fatehpur sikri.In 1569 second son was born in akbar's home and Akbar decided to move his capital from agra to fatehpur sikri in honor of Saint Salim.The second son of Akbar was also known as prince Salim and later he grew up as great mughal emperor jahangir.
fatehpur sikri historical place of india

       After that Mughal emperor had started architectural construction of fatehpur sikri.And we all are known khat Fatehpur sikri has wonderful architectural view and it is one of the best Architectural site.
        So friends this is a brief History About the Fatehpur Sikri which i know If you know more then this then Write in comment So other people can become familiar about indian Historical places.Have a nice day.

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  1. Great place. I spoke with many people and they decided not to come because Taj Mahal for them was enough! Big mistake from my point of view! For some details I printed the page of a link that I found on wikipedia pretty useful even though the pictures are not the best

  2. people who dont know,just want to inform them that the sufi saint or whatever is called,in islamic language, was well renowned for the power he was having with him during that time,he was a holy (pak) soul,and people of that time period was worshiping (bandgi) some one very near to Allah,and it has been not taken care by the emperor those who have ruled ever there,otherwise its importance in not less than Ajmer sherrif.

  3. Good article but its not slaim chisti. His name was Salim Chisti.


    Good information

  5. Hi! You have the talent,work on it. I am sure you can write much better than this.


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