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Friday, 7 June 2013


  raj thakkar       Friday, 7 June 2013
kankaria lake in ahmedabad
          Kankaria lake is biggest lake in Ahmedabad.In this Article I will tell you History about Kankaria lake,who built it and when it was built?Kankaria lake is situated in Maninagar area of Ahmedabad city.A lakefront around the lake is attraction of people.Every year kankaria karnival is organized in last week of december.Opeaning of Kankaria karnival is done by chief minister of Gujarat.In karnival many cultural activities and other activities are organized.Kankaria lake provides beautiful view of sunset.
kankaria karnival

            In 15th century Sultan Qutubuddin build Kankaria lake.In 1451 ce all construction work of kankaria is completed.It was known as Qutub hojj or Hauj-e-qutub.All kings were using this hauj for bath.People Says that Qutub hajj had a water purification system but when time is going on it was destroyed.At the center of the lake Nagina vadi is located.Nagina vadi  is a beautiful garden.Now In nagina vadi laser shows are organized by gujarat government.
atal train-toy train in kankaria

             Around Kankaria lake there is more attrections.Follownig  are the attraction of kankaria lake.
-kankaria zoo
-kids city
-balloon safari
-toy trains
-nagina vadi
-stone mural park
-dutch tombs

        Kankaria zoo is rated best zoo in Asia.Balvatika is for children named javaharlalnehru park.The atal train is run in 4.5 km track at 10km/h speed.this train is imported from londan and it is named after atal bihari vajpayee.This train can carry 130 passenger including 30 adults.
balloon safari at kankaria lake

        As i told you above that nagina vadi is located at the center of the lake.It is a beautiful garden.for people's entertainment laser shows are being organized by Gujarat government.Kankaria is the center of attraction of ahmedabad city.
        So friends this is all about kankaria lake and attractions around it.Shere your experience about kankaria in comments.