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Thursday, 27 September 2012


  raj thakkar       Thursday, 27 September 2012
kala dungar
              Today i am going to tell you historical story of kala dungar(black hill).Black hill is located in kutch near khavada.Black hill is at top of the kutch.kala dungar is the place where you can experience a great piece of your mind.It is such a beautiful place of kutch.Pakistan border is very near from kala dungar.You can see the great run of kutch from top of the black hill.
                There is a temple of great dattatrey god.Most of people of kutch are believes that once dattatarey god is walk on earth and stop at the kala dungar.King jacklas told to the god  that he is hungray and the he offered his body to the king for eat.Even i don't know that this story is true or not but i know that there is a temple of dattatery god and people are beleives on the story.
                 Kala dungar is a turisam and historical place of india located in kutch near bhuj.Because of it's blackness the hill is known as kala dungar for gujarati people.It is also known as black hill.
black hill and kala dungar

              In the first image the temple is shown is the temple of great dattatery god.And second image is of kala dungar.This temple is a beauty of  kala dungar.Nearest place of kala dungar is khavada which is known as banni vistar.you can see the indian bridge from kala dungar.So friends Kala dungar is a great historical place of india.Visit that place i am sure you will be happy from this journy and you experience that kutchh nahi dekha to kutch nahi dekha Have a nice day.


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